Taste of the Town: Chopstick Express

Chopstick Express 10

I have been craving Asian food for exactly 3.15 months. Yes, exactly. Last night I finally acted on that craving and ordered out some local Chinese food. The take out menu for Chopstick Express in Tempe was in my kitchen drawer, and after a quick conversation my dinner was being prepared.

I ordered…

1 quart of Hot and Sour soup
1 order of Potstickers (6 pieces to an order)
1 Hunan Chicken combo (for my dad)
1 Almond Chicken combo (for moi)

(the combo orders came with two Crab Puffs and one Egg Roll)

Chopstick Express 3

Hot and Sour Soup
I liked the flavors involved in this soup, but the texture really turned me off. Texture is something I’m picky about, and this soup was a little on the gelatinous side (especially as it cooled.) I enjoyed the pieces of tofu (a soft tofu – I don’t know if it was always very soft or if it was a result of being in the broth.) I also enjoyed the pieces of bamboo shoot which added a nice crunch.

Chopstick Express 4

Crab Puff
I love Crab Puffs (also known as Crab Rangoon) but I would not eat them from Chopstick Express again. The wrapper was nice and crisp, but the filling was incredibly sweet and had the consistency of cream cheese icing. When paired with the sweet and sour sauce, it was almost too sweet to handle. I couldn’t decipher any pieces of crab meat within the puff.

Chopstick Express 6

Egg Roll
Ehh. This Egg Roll wasn’t great, but it wasn’t terrible. There were multiple layers of the nice crispy wrapper and a classic, albeit rather bland, filling of what looked mostly like cabbage.

Chopstick Express 7

Let me cut straight to the chase here: The wrapper was terrible. It was chewy and stiff, slightly oily, and too thick. The filling wasn’t bad, but I barely made it through the wrapper.

Chopstick Express 2

Almond Chicken
I’ve loved this dish since I was a kid, it is usually the first thing I order when trying a new Asian restaurant. While I am by no means a connoisseur, I have sampled my fair share of Almond Chickens in my day. This Almond Chicken was very tasty (I’m currently enjoying the leftovers.) It didn’t blow me away, but it was a good, solid, classic Almond Chicken. The fried rice that came along with it was flavorful and perfectly cooked. Yum!

Chopstick Express 5

Spicy Hunan Chicken
This is what my dad ordered. I took a picture of it but forgot to taste… 😦 My dad said he enjoyed it though.

Chopstick Express 8

Chopstick Express 9

Overall Rating: 2.7
While Chopstick Express wasn’t phenomenal, I enjoyed my dinner and if I was in a pinch and craving Chinese I would order there again.


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