Heron Song

Unwinding – stretching,
As if beckoning the new day
While still clinging
To the old –
Atop an abandoned home
Whose rooms lie bare
With limp lace curtains
Flitting like memories in the air…
Sits a Blue Heron –
With outspread wings.

His neck snakes heavenward
As his tarnished beak opens
In a calculated, careful way –
And a low, awkward call
Surprises the listless silence…
He whispers reminders
Of pains gone by,
While confident in the hope
For a tranquil tomorrow.

Then –
In a swift and sudden movement –
As when a dancer leaps,
Fully trusting her partner to react –
His wings beat the air,
Gain strength –
And he flies gloriously
Into the faded blue sky.


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